Unique Backyard Projects Ideas To Surprise Your Kids19
Unique Backyard Projects Ideas To Surprise Your Kids19

20+ Unique Backyard Projects Ideas To Surprise Your Kids

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Nothing is more entertaining for the kids as well as the kids at heart than a tree house. When considering home improvement for your backyard area, a great tree house can offer an excellent way to extend the living space. In addition, it creates an outdoor play space that will entertain you children on those long summer days where a parent can hear the words “I’m bored!” only so many times.

In most areas, any structure, including those built in the trees that are under a certain square footage and not considered an actual place where people live or sleep does not require a permit. This means that you can draw out your plans and get started without having to do any extra legal legwork! Even with this being said though, it is of extreme importance that the owner considers safety.

The structure should be sturdy enough to support the weight of people as well as any furnishings for use inside. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that the structure will support a few large sized adults at least. This way, if the child wants some company, the tree-homeowner doesn’t need to be concerned with the stability of the structure.

One of the main concerns is providing a sturdy base for building in the tree. While large sturdy trees may have limbs at the exact right height, to support the floor, this is often not the case. In these cases, it is possible to use lumber attached to the tree or to the ground can be used to provide the base needed for the floor. In actuality, this type of system often makes it easier to ensure that the floor and rest of the building remains level.

Once the owner has completed a sturdy foundation using the tree as well as any necessary structural timbers, construction can follow the same standards as most construction that would take place on the ground. Floor joist will support the floor, and walls. A roof may cover the structure or it might remain as an open deck. Any open areas will require a sturdy railing protect persons on the elevated deck.

When planning the floor and the roof of the building, it is important that consideration for growth of the tree be included. Provide plenty of area around trunks that will allow for the diameter of the tree to continue to grow. Take cautions to damage as little of the trunk as possible during the building of the structure and never cut a ring around the tree in the bark as this stops the flow of vital nutrients to keep the tree healthy and will result in death of the tree.

When considering a tree house as a home improvement project, be sure to consider safety. While these buildings can offer a great place to spend a summer day for kids of all ages, precautions must be included in the construction phase to ensure that the structure remains safe for many years. A well constructed tree house can provide a place for the kids to play or a great place for a party.


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