Incredible Stairs Design Ideas For The Attic To Try38
Incredible Stairs Design Ideas For The Attic To Try38

20+ Incredible Stairs Design Ideas For The Attic To Try

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Not too long ago, the attic ladder and stairway industry worked without any set of minimum standards set up. However in the late 1990s, this industry eventually made a decision to become much more organized and safety-conscious simply by applying a number of building regulations.Even still, there’s a number of different attic and hidden stairway systems available for you to pick from.

In fact there’s two basic types of ladder systems used for accessing the attic; the pull-down type of ladder and the folding ladder.Pull down attic stairs are usually stairs that are designed to provide entry to an attic, loft, or crawlspace without taking up space when they’re not in use. This kind of attic ladder system is traditionally more durable and much more stable than the folding ladder system, however, a pull-down ladder is actually substantially much harder to install.

Folding attic ladders are basically that; attic ladders which fold up to fit inside the ceiling hatch. This kind of ladder set up is much better suited for smaller sized attics or attics in which there isn’t plenty of room for gaining entry.

There are different types of folding attic ladders that you can choose from;

True folding attic stairs – this kind of staircase fold into thirds and are mounted on the attic hatch.

Disappearing stairs – this type of stairs do not fold at all, but slide into the attic along mounted rails.

Accordion stairs – staircases that unfold on hinges located on either side of each rung.

Telescopic attic ladders – this type of staircase pull out one rung segment at a time.

Folding ladders can be purchased in both wood as well as aluminum. Wooden ladders are simpler to fold, but aluminum ladders are lighter in weight and resistant against rot and splinters. So basically it’s on your own choice which would be the best type of attic ladder that suites your needs.

When shopping for an attic ladder, there should be many considerations taken. Many people focus on the appearance alone because they want their home to flow well together, but it is important that other things are considered as well.

Since folding attic stairs are not used on an everyday basis, it does not matter as much about what they look like when folded down since they will typically be in their upright position. A person must concentrate on the quality of the piece and also whether or not it’s going to suffice in the amount of wear it shall receive.

The first thing that must be taken into consideration whenever deciding how well the ladder is built is simply by finding out how much weight it can hold at a time. Along with the weight capacity, it is important to look at the lifeline of a ladder as well. Since the attic ladder will be folded and unfolded repetitively, it will need to withstand all this wear.

While the support and weight capacity the ladder can hold is important, a homeowner must also pick one depending on its price. Different types of ladders come with different prices. Creating a price range before heading to the shop will allow you to make a choice depending on what you are able to afford and prevent from over spending.

After finding various ladders that suit your needs, you can then make your final choice depending on the appearance, the purpose and price tag alone; and provided with the vast number of ladders available on the market nowadays, you’re certain to find an attic ladder that suits both your tastes and budget.


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