30+ Casual Contemporary Floating Bed Design Ideas For You

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While classic furniture is really beautiful, contemporary bedroom furniture not only looks good, but can provide the maximum functionality and comfort that you are looking for. In general, most of the things that surround us from smart phones to cars have contemporary designs. This style matches our lifestyle completely. For all of these reasons, it is a natural choice. Find out how to make it the best choice.

Contemporary bedroom furniture has simple, clean-cut lines and very basic shapes. Platform beds have these characteristics so they are a natural choice for buyers. The simpler the bed is the better. Some models even have a collapsible headboard so that they can appear perfectly flat and literally float in the room. There are other ways in which this floating sensation, which will give you peace and tranquillity, can be created. One option is to go for a bed with think metal legs. Since metal is a reflective material, the legs will be virtually invisible.

Do not hesitate to be daring when it comes to the shapes of contemporary bedroom furniture and beds, in particular. You can go for an extravagant round design also known as zero design. The mattress is still rectangular so your comfort will not be affected in any way. At the same time, the round shape is very exotic and extremely appealing.

Contemporary designers experiment not only with shapes, but with materials as well. Wood has been the preferred material for beds throughout the decades and it is still widely used. However, many designers create unique upholstered and leather beds. These boast with great elegance and comfort.

Beside drawers are important elements of contemporary bedroom furniture. They are low-slung and typically form an extension of the bed. This creates a sense of simplicity and functionality. However, you can get creative and choose attractive artistic bedside tables. Consider glass models and ones with triangular shapes to add to the sense of floating that the bed creates.

The contemporary bedroom cannot go without a dressing table and a chest of drawers. There are a number of trends in dressing tables that you may want to consider as inspiration. There are models inspired by traditional metal garden furniture. These boast with thin glossy metal legs and geometric tops. You can find dressing tables with glossy surfaces made entirely from plastic and combined with tulip chairs.

Choose carefully the colours of the contemporary bedroom furniture for your home. It is best to go for basic neutral ones and use decorative pieces of your preferred colours to make the room livelier and totally unique.