Classy Resin Wood Table Ideas For Your Furniture23
Classy Resin Wood Table Ideas For Your Furniture23

20+ Classy Resin Wood Table Ideas For Your Furniture

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Wooden outdoor furniture tables require care and maintenance if they are to be at their best and look good for years to come. Depending on what sort of timber and what finish it has from new, will determine what you will need to do to get it looking good and keep it that way.

Hardwood outdoor furniture tables are often stained from new, with a oil based stain to weather well. Depending on the climate your in, you might need to re-stain or re-oil your outdoor table every year or few years.

Those who live in high UV (ultra violet) sun areas, can expect to have to treat their outdoor furniture and tables more often than those who do not. If you keep your patio furniture in the shade, or under cover, there will be less maintenance.

Some owners prefer to have an natural weathered look, and this might fit well with their other outdoor furniture and decor. Timber such as teak of cedar, weathers to a lovely grey/silver finish. It still retains its durability when left to weather, yet takes on a total different look to stained outdoor tables.

One thing you will need to be cautious of if you let your outdoor furniture table weather, is that it does not split or crack in areas where the timber is thin, or gets high UV exposure. Some treatments you can buy protect tables from the sun, but do not impinge on the weathering process.

Some wood outdoor tables might have a polyester or resin finish. These tend to require a lot less maintenance, but do not suit every ones tastes. Also, after a time, they can become cracked and peel away from the wood table surface. In this case, they would need to be replaced or stripped back to bare wood and re-lacquered or re-surfaced.

Also, it pays to keep and eye on the fittings and fastenings that are used on the outdoor table. Screws and bolts can rust and become in-serviceable with exposure to the elements, particularly rain or in coastal areas. Some silicone spray, light oil or grease or WD40 lubricant will keep them and your outdoor table looking as new.

As a lot of people do not use outdoor furniture and tables all year round, they will often store them in low use times. This is a great idea for keeping them as new. Always remember to store in dry areas, and do not stow away until dry. Your outdoor table will also require protection from vermin or termites, if these are a problem in your area.

Alternatively, you can just cover up your outdoor furniture table with a cover. These are available when you buy, or else can be purchased from many home retail stores. Canvas, tarpaulin or cotton are popular choices of material.


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