Catchy Remodel Storage Stairs Design Ideas To Try30
Catchy Remodel Storage Stairs Design Ideas To Try30

30+ Catchy Remodel Storage Stairs Design Ideas To Try

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Making the most of your home’s available storage can mean the difference between an organized space and one that looks anything but organized and neat. One of the most underutilized areas for storage is under the stairs. While this may seem like a peculiar spot to store items, under-the-stair storage offers a large amount of space that can be used for storing just about anything.

Where It Is
Stairway storage is usually found under the treads of the stairs or along the side wall of the stairway itself. It can consist of a closet or a pull-out drawer or drawers in what would traditionally be the stair riser. It can also be located in the side wall as a drawer that spans the width of the stair tread. Some side wall drawers are quite deep and narrow, which makes storing unusually shaped items particularly easy.

Drawer Accessories
With any drawer there is always the question of accessories. Finding the perfect drawer pull and closing mechanism, especially for under-the-stairs drawers is crucial. You do not want a pull or knob that sticks out too far, nor do you want hinges that are unsightly or can even be seen. The ideal accessories are those that blend in and make the drawers appear hidden. A seamless look is usually sought. This can be achieved by using magnetic door closures and small magnet to open large drawers or doors. If you do not feel comfortable using magnets, consider adding a recessed door pull instead of one that sticks out. It will still provide the ease of access that you are looking for, but it will cut down on the visual clutter of the stairs.

What to Store
Under-the-stair storage is unique in that it offers some very unusual drawer dimensions and shapes. This can work to your advantage when you need to store items that do not seem to fit in other areas. For example, rolls of wrapping paper could be easily stored in a long, tall drawer under the stairs. They would be easily contained and accessible when you need them. It is also a good idea to store items for the room where the stairs are located: If your stairs are in the dining room, store table linens and centerpiece accessories in the drawers, for instance. By doing that you are able to keep the items you need for the room together, but squarely out of sight. For stairs that are by a front entryway, you might be able to designate one drawer per child and store winter hats and mittens inside. There is no end to the possibilities of items that can be stored in under-the-stair drawers.

Make the most of the available storage that you have. Do not be afraid to think outside the box and store items under the stairs that you may not have considered. It is a great, safe spot to place those items that do not get used frequently, as well as a great spot to store your most frequently used items. No matter what you put in the drawers, you are sure to appreciate the convenience and ease of under-the-stair storage.


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