20+ Cute Chandeliers Decoration Ideas For Your Bedroom

1 min read

So you’re redoing your bedroom and you’ve got this idea that a chandelier is just what the room needs. But how do you sift through all those lighting fixtures out there and find the one that’s just right–the one that really ties to room together (to paraphrase the Big Lewbowski)?

Well, the first thing you need to think about is the mood you want to create. Since you going to be getting something for the bedroom, an appropriate mood would probably something of sensuality or intimacy. A chandelier can cast shadows on the walls that dance as it gently sways. What could be more romantic, right?

This is a good start, but don’t forget to add other lighting features in the room as well. After all the room may seem a bit cramped and small if you only have one source of light. But if you combine multiple sources of light you can give the room a more spacious feel and you can create different moods by using different lights at different times.

It might help to think of the chandelier as the central figure in the room–like the main character in a play–and the other lighting fixtures as all the supporting roles. The chandelier will be the main focal point, the main attraction, and the primary piece of conversations. However, the other lighting fixtures, whether thy be lamps, sconces, or whatever, are there to help support the role that the chandelier plays in the composition of and mood created in the room.

Once you have the mood right, then you can start to consider what type of chandelier you want you want for your bedroom. Would a more rustic chandelier help create an atmosphere of simpler times that lets you escape from the stressful day to day work life you lead? Or would you rather have a more elaborate and classic chandelier style to create a feeling of elegance and refinement in your bedroom?

There are all sorts of chandeliers ranging from antiques, classic, modern, ranging all the way up to the expensive crystal chandelier and beyond. Take the time to really consider what you would like the feeling and mood to be for your bedroom. After all, it is the place where most people will spend one-third of their lives. You might as well make absolute certain that you feel most at home and comfortable in your bedroom.