6 Organizing Hacks to Make Your Room Look Spacious

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No wonder, after a long and tiring day at work, you want nothing other than to lie on your sofa and rest for hours, right? However, all your plans would go down the drain if you keep on tripping or falling on different things in the room. All the excitement will evaporate if you can’t find the much-needed comfort when the day ends. Even if you try to keep things organized, at one point, small rooms usually start to feel a little cramped.

Are you feeling down because you can’t afford a spacious room? No worries, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your small room look spacious and comfortable. Look out for the following easy and manageable hacks to give your room a fresh and spacious look:


First things first, remove all the clutter that is the reason for making your small room more cramped. Start by sorting out things, and separate those that you haven’t been using in a long while. Doing so can help you realize how many unnecessary items were taking up the precious space of your room. Make sure to declutter things that serve no purpose to your room; it could be an extra plant pot, a decorative item, or anything. Decluttering is an excellent way to keep your room neatly arranged and more open to the eyes.

In the process of decluttering, you might come across some items that aren’t in use for now, but you might need them later on? Are you worrying about where to keep those things? Well, here is the good news. You don’t have to stack them in your small room, but at the same time, you don’t need to sell them out. You can rent a storage unit to save your precious supplies and make your room look spacious. Now you might be thinking about how to find a reliable yet affordable storage unit? Here’s your answer.

You can easily find one that is near to your resident by searching over the internet. Suppose you live in Fort Worth, Texas. All you need to do is type ‘storage units Fort Worth TX‘ on Google. The search engine will show you the top results of companies offering self-storage services. However, it is best to prefer the one with positive rankings.


Are you having second thoughts about whether to add mirrors in your small room or not? You might have mixed views. However, it is best to install one as mirrors are a great resource to give your room a more spacious feel. Try to fix a mirror in the wall or make it stand against the wall. Doing so can help you get a more creative and room-enlarging effect. Placing a mirror on the coffee table or near a window can also give your room an open feel.


Picking dark shades will make your room look confined and congested, and you surely don’t want this. Therefore, paint the walls of your room with light and monochromatic colors. It is a well-established fact that light and cool colors make a room look spacious and improve the air quality. Such colors allow the reflection of the natural light to the fullest.

So, which colors should you exactly choose? One best practice is to go for softer shades of the blue and green family. You can also opt for lilac, grey, and light brown hues. Also, don’t forget to choose furniture that complements the wall color. That way, articles of furniture will not draw that much attention, and the room will give off cozy vibes.


If you wish to maximize the space in your room, make sure you select furniture with multiple functions. Instead of using a coffee table and a chest drawer separately, look out for the ones that provide both functions in a single article. Some examples of multi-function furniture include a sofa bed or bed consisting of drawers. Dining and study tables that are foldable can also be a good choice. You can stack them away when not in use.

Go for those pieces of furniture that have open arms and legs. Such type of furniture gives access to the light to pass through, hence makes the room airy.


Let’s admit it, rooms with more light usually look more spacious than dim light. So eradicate anything that is an obstacle to either natural or artificial lighting. It could be a heavy curtain or any furniture that might be blocking the light rays. Try to cover your windows with sheer coverings to avoid any natural light blockages. You can install more lamps in your room to make it well-lit. If you aren’t tight on budget, you can try different lighting fixtures and see a visible difference in your room.


Although you can’t physically control a room’s space, you can make your room appear spacious with the help of rugs and carpets. Use broadloom carpets to elongate the space. These carpets can extend from one wall to another, thus not breaking eye contact and giving the illusion of a spacious room.

When it comes to the use of rugs, size matters a lot. Use a large-sized rug that exceeds the furniture area. It may seem contradictory. However, when you use multiple smaller rugs for each furniture item, this gives off an impression of constricted space. Therefore, choose area rugs with the appropriate size patterns and floor covering.


Although creating space in a room may seem like a daunting task at the beginning; however, your efforts will indeed pay off. With a spacious room, you can have an ample amount of personal space and enjoy the luxury. You can view the different hues of the season, which reflect through the windows, and enjoy the air ventilation. A spacious room gives off aesthetically pleasing vibes and a sense of comfort, adding beauty to your home.

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