10 Tips To Reorganize Your Home After The Holidays

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Thanksgivings’ over and Christmas’ just around the corner! Americans aren’t sluggish when decorating their homes for Santa’s merry arrival. Surveys indicate over 70% of people will furnish their homes for Christmas every year. However, these decorations must come off once the holiday’s over and everything turns back to normal. That’s when things start to get hectic. It may sound weird, but the post-holiday household reorganization seems like the “new” springtime cleaning. When guests start leaving and people regain their sobriety, it’s time to reorganize and bring back some order to your chaotic dwelling. Here are some tactics for rearranging your home now.

Post-holiday domestic decorations for 2022

When do people start decorating their homes for holidays? A study shows that 27% of Americans like to embellish their residences even before Thanksgiving. However, holiday enjoyments are succeeded by domestic rearrangements where you consider cleaning your house and sweeping away all the remnants of a joyous Christmas for returning to normalcy. Holiday decorations scattered everywhere may seem soothing to children. Still, they sketch a nasty picture for adults who are mystified by a single weary question: how to organize the house now? So, we’d attempt to resolve this problem and help you clean your home after the party time’s over. Let’s hear some tips about post-holiday cleanup:

  1. Find some storage

Your post-Christmas cleanup can’t begin without finding some excess space for all those ornaments and decorations. Google can help you find a suitable place to stash all your belongings. For example, if you’re residing in downtown Houston, Texas, look for ‘storage units Montrose‘ on the internet. Repeat the same for any city you live in, and voila! Some of these facilities offer clients for their domestic needs. These well-secure and temperature-controlled storage facilities can safeguard the stuff you don’t need but can’t throw away. These units can provide all the room you need to store your holiday decorations for the Christmas celebrations next year.

  • Take it down

The second tactic involves taking down all holiday decorations and not leaving them “hanging” from your walls and ceilings. A survey suggests half of Americans consider January the second as a deadline for bringing down everything Christmas-y for good. Besides being a bad omen, not taking down your decorations may disrupt your everyday routine. After you’ve packed everything, you can get more room to breathe and have your room reorganized. Here’s how to organize these knickknacks:

  • Use spare candy tins for holding Christmas ornaments
  • Get some boxes for placing your wreaths together
  • Put breakables in egg cartons after wrapping them up in a newspaper
  • Make some room

You don’t need to keep all the gifts, do you? Experts such as Marie Kondo have proposed a strategy to help you become more organized. In her Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she advised getting rid of things that don’t “spark joy” from your home. So, you should evaluate the value of these gifts in your life. If they don’t make you happy anymore, throw them away (or donate) and move on with your life.

  • Don’t procrastinate

Create a checklist of to-do things after the holiday celebrations. And don’t procrastinate by keeping it all in limbo. The longer you wait to clean everything and reorganize the house, the more difficult post-holiday cleanup may become. So, pen down those thank-you letters and return/exchange the gifts you don’t want anymore. Any delay in the post-Christmas cleaning will add more tasks and keep you miserable. That’s why our next tip’s about having your home deep-cleaned by experts.

  • Clean it thoroughly

Your apartment needs thorough cleaning after the holidays are over. We suggest rubbing and polishing every surface that was decorated for Christmas. Scrub every corner in your building and sweep your porch after you’ve taken down the lights. This practice helps you restore the humble house to its pre-Christmas cleanliness. We’d also like to recommend you employ the services of any professional deep-cleaning service.

  • Time to declutter

Studies indicate that every fourth American suffers from a “clutter problem” today. However, post-holiday cleaning and reorganizing require you to declutter your house for a few minutes. Just pick up any basket and start removing stuff from your room to reorganize everything. You may consider it a fine opportunity to throw away the clutter and eliminate garbage from your home. Then you have more space to decorate the house, reorganize everything, and give it a brand-new look too.

  • Organize by category

Domestic organization experts often suggest cleaning every room separately for better productivity. However, the post-holiday cleanup’s more efficient when you’re organizing everything by category, not by room. Since objects that belong to the same category may have infiltrated other rooms. Therefore, you should collect similar objects from the whole apartment and figure out what you want to do with them. Ensure everything’s returned to its destination properly.

  • Clean your pantry

It’s time to check your fridge and clean your pantry. After the holidays are over, the refrigerator may become a hodgepodge of leftovers, rotting objects, and half-eaten dishes. How about making it your New Year’s resolution to clean the fridge right when 2022 has started? Once your storeroom’s clean, you can decompress without the smell of leftovers fuming the whole apartment. Dispose of the excess meals (in an eco-friendly manner, of course). Bring some fresh pantry to your house as well.

  • Get everyone involves

Ask your family members to participate in this post-Christmas cleaning ritual. So, you can make the house look nicer while bonding with folks at home. Great way to kill two birds with one stone! You can have your boys and girls tidy up their rooms and teach some a lesson or two about cleanliness. This practice helps get things back to normal and enables you to put more hands on the job of giving the house a better fa├žade. It’s also an enjoyable activity for the whole family after Christmas’ finished.

  1. The guest room

After your guests have departed, it’s time to reorganize the guest room for new arrivals. Maybe, you had some overnight visitors for holidays who left behind a messy room with filthy sheets and covers that need washing desperately. And you don’t know when your next guest will show up. That is why we suggest tidying up the guest room immediately and reorganizing it properly. Now, you can get your apartment back in order and bring some normalcy after celebrating the holidays fervently.


People celebrate dozens of festivals in this country each year. If December’s the national get-drunk-and-party month, then January should be the national get-organized-and-declutter month for sure! Statistics indicate that two-thirds of Americans put up holiday decorations right after celebrating Thanksgiving. A careful homeowner mustn’t neglect the importance of proper post-holiday cleanup. Arrange to dispose of your Christmas tree while storing relevant ornaments. Declutter your interior furnishing. Clean out your pantry and thoroughly inspect the refrigerator. Remember to rearrange the guest room. These were a few tips for having your home reorganized for 2022.

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