A Beginner’s Guide to Rental Storage Units

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Storage units are compartments where you can store things you don’t need (but may require in the future) in your house or workplace. You have the option to temporarily store stuff while moving or keep them there for a longer time. In any case, storage units are an excellent, convenient, and secure space-saving solution for anyone in need of storage. Various storage units offering different space sizes and services are present across the country. You should look into the ones nearest you and choose the one that aligns most with what you are looking for. Now we will discuss all the crucial things to consider when renting a storage unit.

Types of Storage

Storage unit companies usually offer two types of storage options as follows;

Full-Service Storage

Full-service storage involves the pickup and drop-off of your belongings whenever and wherever you want. It saves you from the hassle of delivering your belongings to and from the storage unit. Customers opting for this type of storage do not have to track the things in their storage unit. The management keeps an inventory of their stuff.


A self-storage option requires you to pick and drop your belongings yourself. You also have to maintain your own inventory. However, self-storage is a relatively cheaper and popular storage option.

Storage Unit Locations

Popular self-storage units in Texas include BTA self-storage units Wills Point TX, secure care self-storage units in Longview, TX, and more.  

Full-service storage units in the Texas area include full-service movers, closet boxes, and more.

Storing Period

You can rent a storage unit for as long as you like most of the time—long-term, short-term, and indefinite storage options are available. However, some storage companies only let you rent storage for a specific time. They offer weekly and monthly contracts with a three-month minimum time for storage. Weekly storage plans are rare and are offered by only a handful of storage companies. It is also crucial to know that if you plan to cancel your rental storage contract, you should inform the company on a prior date. Else, you will have to pay the rent whether you use it or not.

Size of the Storage Unit

Storage companies offer various storage unit sizes. You can choose one that fulfills your storage needs. The most common unit size options are 5’x5’, 5’x10’, 10’x10’, 10’x15’, and 10’x20’. However, bigger options are also available. Some companies may even customize a space plan specifically for you at a slightly higher cost. The size and price of your storage unit are decided based on the number of boxes you request.

Prepare Items for Storage

Preparing your stuff for storage is a whole process and should be carefully performed to avoid any damage to your things. Well-packed and stored items long last and are less affected by external factors. Therefore, follow the following steps to pack your stuff for storage instead of throwing it into random boxes.

Understand the Rules of the Storage Company

It is crucial to know and understand the rules and restrictions of your storage company. It will give you an idea about what things you are allowed to store. For example, perishable food items, and anything flammable like firecrackers are not allowed for obvious reasons. It is crucial to know these rules to avoid any hassle later on.

Make an Inventory of Your Belongings

It goes without saying that you will forget the items you put in storage unless you make an inventory, especially for self-storage. For full-service storage, the company helps maintain the inventory for you. However, it is still advised to keep an inventory for yourself. It is recommended to either make a list or take photos of all your things and save them on the cloud so you can access them at any time and from anywhere.

Clean Everything

Make sure to clean all your stuff before storing it. For example, wiping off all dust, drying any wet belongings, and disinfecting the storage boxes is necessary. Make sure that all things are dry to avoid the growth of any fungal bodies.

Disassemble Furniture

It is advised to disassemble furniture and wrap fragile parts like mirrors, table legs in bubble wrap to avoid any damage during long-term storage. It will also help you save space in the storage unit.

Packing and Labeling

Pack everything carefully in either cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Use bubble wraps, other forms of cushioning, and tapes to effectively make space and store your things. It is also crucial to label all your boxes for record-keeping. You may use a permanent marker or printed labels to put on the boxes and also make sure that the labeled part of the box faces upward when placing it in the storage unit.

Strategic Placement

It is a crucial step that involves arranging and placing packed boxes in a way that allows you to put the maximum of your belongings in minimal space. Additionally, place fragile items in higher places instead of on the floor. Place items you may frequently need in the front while rarely needed items go in the back. It is also advised to keep a step stool inside the unit to easily arrange and access boxes.

How to Choose a Storage Unit for Yourself?

When choosing a storage company, it is advised to keep the following points in mind.

  • Carefully review the various contracts, sizes, and price options offered
  • Consider how safe the facility is, like do they have video monitoring technology, in-person surveillance, or how many locks they have
  • Go through online reviews or customer feedback before choosing a facility
  • Make sure that climate-controlled storage options are available if you plan to store temperature-sensitive items
  • Check the accessibility rules for the facility to make sure when can you easily access your storage unit

The Wrap Up

Storage units are a brilliant option to reduce clutter from your immediate living and workspace. They allow you to conveniently and securely keep lesser-used belongings for various amounts of time. Several storage companies exist at different locations offering self and full-service storage options. The size and time period for which you would be using the storage unit help determine its rent. It is advised to follow the above-discussed steps to properly pack your items for storage. Moreover, don’t forget to check all the services and restrictions of your storage company. Hopefully, this article will help you make an informed decision when planning to rent a storage space.

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