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Art Deco Fashion Characteristics. Art deco characteristics included streamlined designs and a combination of new materials and ancient inspiration to usher in the modern era. Metallic, neutral, and vivid colors (like machines) were standard.

Art Deco Design Style a Simple Guide Everything you
Art Deco Design Style a Simple Guide Everything you from

A tennis dress, designed, made and worn by miss hepburne scott, shows how art deco also worked its way into more functional fashion. Read about the designers and history below or choose to explore our extensive range of pages. Geometric shapes and intense colour schemes are prominent.

And A General Interest In Compositions Consisting Of Multiple Dimensions And Perspectives.

This period of time is referred to as the breath of fresh air taken between the smoke of world war i and world war ii and the great depression. (, 2008). What is art deco exactly and how can we distinguish between this particular style and similar types of decorative art? The style appeared in a number of jewellery and fashion ads.

It Influenced The Design Of Buildings, Furniture, Jewellery, Fashion, Cars, Cinemas, Trains, Ocean Liners, And Everyday Objects Such As Radios And Vacuum Cleaners.

It took its name, short for arts décoratifs, from the exposition internationale. The main characteristic of the art deco style was its pure admiration for the concept of modernity, as well as its respect for the advancement of machinery and technology. In classic art deco, rectangular blocky forms, illusion of pillars often arranged in geometric fashion and broken up by curved ornamental elements.

It Is A Style Of Drawing, That Relies On Bold Designs, Clear Lines, Vibrant Colours And Patterns.

Art deco patterns tend to have: Jeanne lanvin, goncharova, sonia delaunay, coco chanel; An predilection for exotic elements, often combined with the local;

The Art Deco Movement Emerged In The Early 1920S And Lasted Until The Outbreak Of Wwii In 1939.

Similar to its predecessor, art nouveau, when objects such as flowers, animals, or human figures are represented, they are highly stylized and simplified to keep with the overall aesthetic of art. The often flat and sometimes stylized naturalistic decorations; What are the main characteristics of the art deco style?

Art Deco Characteristics Included Streamlined Designs And A Combination Of New Materials And Ancient Inspiration To Usher In The Modern Era.

Art deco as a decorative style is defined by geometric patterns, naturalistic motifs, bold colors, and sinuous outlines that are also well reflected in furniture design trends of the period. Two typical art deco patterns are seen below. The aim of classic art deco was always to achieve a monolithic appearance with applied decorative motifs.

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