Does Purple And Brown Go Together?

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Does Purple and Brown Go Together?


In the year 2023, interior design trends have taken a unique turn with unexpected color combinations becoming increasingly popular. One such combination that has sparked curiosity among homeowners and designers is the pairing of purple and brown. In this article, we will explore whether purple and brown can indeed go together harmoniously, and provide some tips and inspiration for incorporating this intriguing color duo into your living spaces.

1. Understanding the Basics

When it comes to color combinations, it’s important to understand the basic principles of color theory. Purple is a rich, vibrant color associated with royalty, luxury, and creativity. On the other hand, brown represents warmth, nature, and stability. While these two colors may seem like an unlikely match, they can actually complement each other beautifully when used thoughtfully.

2. Finding the Right Shades

The key to successfully combining purple and brown lies in selecting the right shades. Opt for deep, jewel tones of purple like plum or eggplant, which will pair well with earthy, warm browns. Avoid using overly bright or pale purples, as they may clash with brown and create an unbalanced look.

3. Creating Balance

Balance is crucial when incorporating purple and brown into your interior design. To achieve this, consider using the 60-30-10 rule – 60% of the room should be your dominant color (e.g., neutral browns), 30% should be a secondary color (e.g., purple), and 10% should be an accent color (e.g., metallic gold or silver).

4. Pairing with Neutrals

If you’re unsure about using purple and brown as the main color scheme, you can incorporate them as accents against a neutral backdrop. Use brown as the dominant color and add pops of purple through accessories like throw pillows, curtains, or artwork. This approach allows for a subtle incorporation of the color combination without overpowering the space.

5. Adding Texture

To enhance the visual appeal of the purple and brown combination, consider adding texture to your decor. Incorporate different materials and finishes like velvet, leather, wood, or metallic accents. This will create depth and interest in the space, making the colors stand out even more.

6. Considering the Mood

Purple and brown can evoke different moods depending on the shades and overall design. Darker shades of purple and brown create a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms or living rooms. Lighter shades, on the other hand, can lend an airy and calming vibe, suitable for bathrooms or home offices.

7. Seeking Inspiration

If you’re still unsure about how purple and brown will work together in your space, seek inspiration from interior design magazines, websites, or social media platforms. Look for real-life examples of successful purple and brown combinations and adapt them to your own style and preferences.

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I use purple and brown in a small room?

A: Yes, you can use purple and brown in a small room. Opt for lighter shades of purple and use brown as the dominant color to create a visually open and inviting space.

Q: What other colors can I pair with purple and brown?

A: Purple and brown can be paired with other complementary colors like gold, cream, or beige. These colors add warmth and elegance to the overall design.

Q: Is it suitable to use purple and brown in a modern interior?

A: Yes, purple and brown can be incorporated into a modern interior. Opt for sleek and clean lines in furniture and accessories, and use purple and brown as accent colors to create a contemporary look.


So, does purple and brown go together? The answer is a resounding yes. By understanding the fundamental principles of color theory, selecting the right shades, creating balance, and considering the mood and texture, you can successfully incorporate this unique color combination into your living spaces. Remember to experiment, seek inspiration, and make it your own!