Above Ground Landscaping Ideas

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Landscaping Around Your Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Landscaping Ideas – 2023


Welcome to our article on above ground landscaping ideas for 2023! If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional area, we have some great tips and suggestions for you. Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious backyard, there are plenty of creative ideas to enhance your above ground landscaping.

1. Container Gardening

One popular trend in above ground landscaping is container gardening. This is a great option for those with limited space or who want to easily change the layout of their garden. You can choose a variety of containers such as pots, planters, or even repurpose old items like wooden crates or buckets. Fill them with your favorite flowers, herbs, or vegetables to create a vibrant and functional garden.

2. Vertical Gardens

If you have limited horizontal space, consider creating a vertical garden. This involves using walls, fences, or trellises to grow plants vertically. You can use climbing plants, such as ivy or jasmine, or opt for hanging baskets or wall-mounted planters. Vertical gardens not only add visual interest but also maximize your available space.

3. Artificial Turf

If you’re tired of mowing the lawn or dealing with patchy grass, consider installing artificial turf. This low-maintenance option provides a lush and green appearance all year round. It’s perfect for families with kids or pets who want to enjoy their outdoor space without worrying about maintaining natural grass. Plus, artificial turf requires minimal watering and doesn’t need harmful chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers.

4. Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your above ground landscaping with outdoor lighting. This not only enhances the ambiance but also extends the usability of your outdoor space into the evening. Consider installing solar-powered lights along pathways, stringing fairy lights, or adding spotlights to highlight specific features like trees or water features. Outdoor lighting adds a touch of magic to your garden and allows you to enjoy it even after the sun goes down.

5. Water Features

Add a sense of tranquility and relaxation to your above ground landscaping with a water feature. Whether it’s a small tabletop fountain, a pond, or a cascading waterfall, water features create a soothing atmosphere and attract wildlife. The gentle sound of flowing water can help mask street noises and create a peaceful oasis in your outdoor space.

6. Pergolas and Gazebos

If you want to create a shaded area in your garden, consider installing a pergola or gazebo. These structures not only provide relief from the sun but also add architectural interest to your outdoor space. You can grow climbing plants like wisteria or grapevines around the pergola to create a natural canopy. Add some comfortable outdoor furniture, and you’ll have the perfect spot to relax and entertain.

7. Edible Landscaping

Combine beauty and functionality by incorporating edible plants into your above ground landscaping. Plant herbs, fruits, and vegetables amidst your flowers and shrubs. Not only will this add visual interest, but it will also provide you with a fresh and sustainable food source. Imagine plucking a ripe tomato or picking fresh basil from your garden to use in your cooking!

8. Repurposed Materials

Get creative and eco-friendly by using repurposed materials in your above ground landscaping. Old pallets can be transformed into vertical planters or seating areas. Wine barrels can be repurposed as flower pots or even converted into small water features. By giving new life to old items, you’ll not only add character to your garden but also reduce waste and save money.


Transforming your above ground landscaping doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right ideas and a little creativity, you can create a stunning outdoor space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. From container gardening to repurposed materials, there are endless possibilities to explore. So go ahead and start planning your above ground landscaping project for 2023!